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Old, used or scrap – convert your truck into top cash with us

Although trucks are the biggest vehicles on our roads, they can be hard to sell – especially when they are old, worn out, damaged or wrecked. Luckily, there’s a Goulburn Truck Removals company who guarantee to purchase your unwanted truck no matter what shape it’s in at the time: Cash for Cars Goulburn. We provide a competitive Instant Cash for Trucks service in Goulburn, happy to buy your vehicle under any circumstance.

If your truck is no longer roadworthy or is damaged, don’t fret: we’ll collect it for free with our Goulburn Truck Removals service that comes with every purchase we make.

Give us a call today at 1300 166 009 and we’ll get you the top price your truck deserves.

Cash for Trucks

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting with Our Free Goulburn Truck Removals

Is your Goulburn truck an eye-sore that you’re hoping to dispose of? We can collect it without a hitch with our Same Day Truck Removals. Simply give us a call, and we can be with you quick as a wink or on another date and time that suits you best. Our high-tech tow trucks can handle vehicles in all shapes and sizes and can collect your unwanted truck with ease. Not to mention that our Truck Removal Experts are fully licensed and handpicked for their experience and reliability.

We provide you with a Goulburn Truck Removal service wherever your truck is located including:

We Accept All Truck Makes & Models with the Promise of an Accurate Cash for Trucks Offer

Every day we purchase trucks from a wide range of brands – even models that are old or lesser-known.

Some truck brands that we provide ‘Cash for Trucks’ offers for include:

We Pay Exceptional Cash for Trucks – Even for Trucks that are ‘Junk’

Although most Vehicle Buyers will pass on an old, unwanted or damaged truck, we’ll happily buy it for its valuable vehicle parts and precious metals. Why let your old clunker rust away in your yard when it can actually get you a highly agreeable Instant Cash sum?

We provide a Cash for Trucks Goulburn service that includes:

Why We Pay Top Cash for Trucks That Others Will Pass On?

There are many valuable parts in a truck that is no longer working, all of which can get you a high Cash for Trucks payout with Cash for Cars Goulburn.

To name only a few of truck parts that are valuable to us:

Book Your Free Goulburn Truck Removal Today

The first step is to call us for a quote. We provide quotes online or over the phone without needing to view your truck first. After accepting our offer, you can book your Free Truck Removal at the best time for you – our services are also available ‘Same Day’! Next, prepare your proof of identity, title of ownership and remove your registration plates. Lastly, our team will arrive on time to pay you and then tow your vehicle within minutes.

You can also choose to deliver your truck to us yourself, which may even increase our offer by about $50 as thanks for your efforts, but our Free Truck Removal service is available for every truck we buy.

Who We Are

As Goulburn’s Leading Car Removal business, we work hard every day to provide a consistently reliable and trusted Cash for Vehicles service that Goulburn residents can depend on each and every time. We are a passionate and experienced team who have been in the industry for over 15 years, so we understand Truck Removals like the backs of our hands.

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